QC Engineer

Principle Of Responsibilities

1.Lead the team to conduct the proper inspection and record any non-conforming items according to the standard policy and project ITP
and ensure the team member understand and inspect all required items before the products are approved and released to the client.
2.Issue the Non-Conformance Report to the relevant parties with effective information provided to the other party to be able to understand
the non-conforming causes and solve the problem.
3.Inspect the materials / products by using the method indicated in the Company QA/QC policy and / or Project Specifications / ITP.
4.Issue relevant reports instructed by your direct Manager in terms of inspection and test result.
5.Review the calibration tools for the test and ensure the equipment meets the standard and ready to use before the inspection.


Practical experience in Curtain & Wall and Façade industries, Production Lines including fabrication and assembly

of curtain wall panels is preferred.


1.Knowledge in understanding the tools and inspection method.

2.Knowledge of façade technical principles.

3.Ability to understand the design,production and installation procedures.

4.Good Command of communication in English Skills is preferred.

5.Knowledge of the corrective action process to resolve non-conforming conditions




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