Kaskal Co., Ltd. is acting locally but thinking globally by helping to slow or stop global warming…


Kaskal Co., Ltd. was awarded 4 new projects namely: YANKIN PPP HOTEL & Platinum Market Phase 2…


KASKAL has created and constructed the most advanced facade testing facility, available for commercial use in South East Asia.


Factory Facilities and Machines


Facade Manufacturing Services

KASKAL offer services of manufacturing and supply of standard and custom designed aluminum curtain wall, doors and windows, louver panels and metal cladding.


Facade Design & Engineering Services

KASKAL provides engineering services to our clients in Thailand and abroad on projects of all sizes and complexity.


Facade Testing Services

KASKAL has created and constructed the most advanced facade testing facility, available for commercial use in South East Asia.



KASEM Group has been in the facade construction industry for more than 50 years and was significantly involved in the construction of the largest glass facade of its kind in Thailand, the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

In 2000, KASEM Group founded KAMA Joint Venture Co., Ltd. and took on the responsibility to construct what is considered to be the heart and the feature part of the airport, the main terminal building facade. Joining experts from America, UK, and Japan with experienced Thai workers, produced the remarkable glass facade of the Suvarnabhumi Airport main terminal building.

KASEM Group then founded KASKAL Co., Ltd. in June 2005 starting with an investment of 100 Million Thai Baht. KASKAL was created to be the technical center for facade design and engineering so that it’s affiliated companies can continue and further develop the working ability of the group to face the challenges in the building facade industry of the future.

KASKAL aims to manufacture aluminum curtain walls to accommodate the volume required by the Group. The new factory in Bangpoo is situated in a 17 Rai land (27,200 Square Meters). The first factory building has 4 assembly and glazing lines, capable of producing 120 unit panels per day in full capacity. The second factory building houses glazing panels, aluminum frames, and curtain wall related materials and a production line for aluminum doors and windows.

KASKAL currently has 230 employees working full time. Based on supply and demand , they can form a cohesive group of up to 500 workers supplemented with contractual labor for fabrication and assembly works.

KASKAL Technical Division is comprised of 50 technical people mostly Architects and Engineers working for facade design, engineering, R&D activities, preparation of shop and production drawings, and providing technical support on site as per client’s request. As a package service, KASKAL also offers pre-bid technical support from facade concept, system design, structural analysis to cost estimates for our clients’ tender proposals to their prospects.